Gmail Tricks and Tips 7

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Gmail Tricks and Tips 7

31. Firefox add-on Gmail Macros takes shortcuts a step further. You’ll need to install Greasemonkey first then install the script Modified Gmail Macros v. 2.0. This adds further shortcuts to the default configuration – including key combinations for advanced editing.

32. Gspace at turns any Gmail account into 3GB or more of free online storage.

33. Want to speed up Gmail on slow connections or computers? Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Basic HTML – then click Set basic HTML as default view. Gmail will now load in half the time.

34. For an even faster Gmail experience, use the mobile version.

35. Want to track where that spam list got your address from? Use this little known Gmail trick. Insert a + symbol in your email address and Gmail will ignore everything between the + and @ symbols. For example – if your Gmail address is you could tell Amazon that it’s The mail will still be routed to you…

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