Gmail Tricks and Tips 6

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Gmail Tricks and Tips 6

26. In Firefox 3 it’s even easier. Launch the browser and go to Tools > Options. Click Applications and find the default configuration for mailto: links. Use the drop down menu to select Use Google Mail. Upgrade Firefox if the option doesn’t appear.

27. Install Google Talk and go to Settings, then choose Open Gmail when I click on email links. That will set your registry so that Gmail is launched in your default browser whenever you click on a mailto: link in ANY web browser.

28. If you miss being alerted every time a new mail arrives, Gmail Assistant will cure what ails you. This Java based application connects to multiple Gmail accounts by IMAP and lets you know when new mail arrives in any of your inboxes. You can even access headers and choose which messages to read.

29. If you’re still juggling multiple email and instant messaging accounts, there’s Digsby. Still in beta and free, this desktop client connects to all the main mail services, several instant messaging clients and the most high-profile social networks, keeping you updated with any changes.

30. Use Gmail’s Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up your workflow. Hit c to compose a new message, / to place the cursor in the search box or ! to report spam. You can navigate up and down the message list with j and k, hitting x to select a conversation. A full list of shortcuts can be found at

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