Gmail Tricks and Tips 3

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Gmail Tricks and Tips 3

11. The More Actions menu also enables you to create Google Calendar events from emails… Select the mail in question then choose Create Event from the menu.

12. If Calendar options don’t appear in Gmail, try going to Settings > General and choosing English (US) in the Google Mail display language menu.

13. Create rules that automatically apply labels to your messages as they arrive. For example, let’s say that you know any messages from are going to be work related. Go to Settings then Filters. Click Create a new filter. This opens a form that prompts you to enter search criteria that Gmail uses to apply rules to messages. Enter the email address in the From: field, then click Next Step. On the next page you’ll be asked to select an action. Choose Apply the Label, then select New Label from the drop down menu. When prompted, name it Work. You can then click Create Filter to finish. Now – any new mail that arrives from that address is automatically labelled Work, making it easy to find and distinguish from your other mail.

14. Use a similar trick to filter mail sent to you at different email accounts. For example, if you own your own domain name your hosting company will probably forward all mail received at that domain to an address of your choosing. A Gmail account is ideal for that. You can tell your friends that your email address is “mates@yourdomain” while reserving “work@yourdomain” for business. Use Gmail’s filter system to create rules based on the To: field – and apply an appropriate label.

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