Gmail Tricks and Tips 1

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Gmail Tricks  and Tips 1

Gmail Tricks  step by step

1. If you haven’t already created a Gmail account, you no longer need an invitation to do so. Just go to and click Sign up for Google Mail.

2. Gmail blocks most executable filetypes as a virus protection measure. If you absolutely have to send EXE or DLL files to a colleague, use something like DropSend. You can send up to five files per month for free.

3. Attachments sent in formats that Google Documents can read can be opened direct in your browser. That list includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and RTF files.

4. When you attach image files in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats, users will get the option to download the attached file or view in their browser. You can also download or playback MP3 files direct in Gmail.

5. To retrieve your email from accounts other than Gmail, go to Settings then the Accounts tab. Choose Add another mail account. This takes you through a two step process for configuring a POP3 mail account. You’ll first be prompted for an email address. On the next page of the form, you’ll be asked for the associated password and, crucially, the POP server address for this account. You should be able to find all this information from your email provider’s documentation. Once the POP details are configured click Add Account and Gmail should try to fetch messages from your old account straight away.

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