Android basic knowledge and tutorial 4

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1. Built-in Android task killer

Android features its own little task killer, but it’s very, very well hidden. Manually close apps by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications then pressing Menu – and filtering the results by running apps. If you can be bothered with all that, you’re than able to force close anything that’s running.

2. Lock your phone

Setting an unlock pattern adds a small layer of additional security to your phone – just remember to wipe the tell-tale finger smears from the screen.

3. Keep the screen on while charging

It’s often handy to have the screen stay on all the time, especially if you tend to recharge your phone overnight and use one of the fancy apps that turn your phone into a nice 1980s clock radio and. Go to Settings > Applications > Development and tell the screen to stay on while charging. Just don’t tell your environmentalist friends you’re burning through electricity like this.

4. Search web pages

 Menu > More > Find on Page lets you search for specific text terms on web pages, if you can’t be bothered reading the thing properly as the author intended.

5. Practice your robot voice

Android 2.1 features voice-input for every text field. Which is nice, although the delay for “processing” – and often rather left field results – mean it’s usually quicker to just bite the bullet and type things. Remember to say “comma” to tell it to insert a comma. Full stop.

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