Android basic knowledge and tutorial 3

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Android basic knowledge

1. Download web images

If you’ve seen one of those funny photographs on the internet, long-pressing on it lets you download it to your phone – and it’ll pop up in your Gallery for easy sharing

2. Manage your Android call log

It’s very easy to delete individual items from Android’s log of made and received calls – simply long-press on an item and delete it. Then sleep easier.

3. Facebook your Contact photos

If you combine Android with the official Facebook Android app, it’s possible to automatically pull in photos for your contacts through Facebook. You’re also able to create a specific Facebook Phonebook folder on the Home page, keeping internet and proper friends separate.

4. Add words to the Android dictionary

This is such a useful feature it ought to be screamed about via a sticker on the phone when you take it out of the box. If you’ve been labouring through life with a difficult-to-spell surname, type it once into your Android phone’s text field – then long-press on it in the suggested word field. This adds it to the dictionary, so you’ll never have to type more than the first couple of characters of your stupid name again.

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