Android basic knowledge and tutorial 2

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Android basic knowledge

1. Download more Android live wallpapers

One thing that makes Android 2.1 a little more swish and exciting than the rather dull earlier versions is its support for Live Wallpapers – the animating image format that brings your Home screen to life. There’s a negligible battery life hit for doing so, but in return you get a phone that looks cool. Which is what life’s all about, right? Search the Android Market for Live Wallpaper – there are loads.

2. Easy zoom

A teeny little feature, this, but one that’s super-useful if you’re using all five of your Home screens – or a custom user interface that offers even more. Tapping the dots beside the dock at the bottom of the screen brings up a mini thumbnail list of all Home screens, allowing you to get from Screen 1 to Screen 5 without wearing a groove into your screen surface.

3. Add a Navigation shortcut to Android

Android 2.1 lets users set up local short-cuts to the Maps Navigation satnav app. As long as you have one of the latest Google Maps updates, you’re able to select one of your Navigation routes and attach it directly to a shortcut on the Home screen – creating a one-press launcher for your favourite trips.

4. Set your double-tap zoom level

On phones that don’t support multi-touch zooming, you can take more control of your web browsing zoom via the browser’s setting page. Change your view to “Close” if you want the page to fly right into extreme close up when you double-tap the screen, or leave it to “Far” if you’re happy to have text only cropping in a little closer when you double-tap.

5. Change Android browser font size

From the same menu you’re also able to select your browser font size. Your personal ideal settings will vary depending on your screen size, resolution and eye sight, but a few minutes getting it set up so pages are instantly readable will save many cumulative hours

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