Android basic knowledge and tutorial 1

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1. Organise things into folders

While Steve Jobs may have recently made quite a big deal about letting iOS users organise things into folders, Android’s been doing that for ages. Fancy a quick Home screen shortcut to your starred favourite contacts? Long-press the Home screen and make it so.

2. Rename Android folders

And, once you’ve done that, to customise things to perfection it’s possible to rename folders. Simply open the folder, then long-press on its name in the top bar to bring up the Top Secret renaming field.

3. Check the date

Possibly one of the tiniest undocumented features is the date-checking facility. Press the Notification bar at the top left of the screen. It tells you what the date is. Go on, try it. It will.

4. Mount your SD card

Also accessed via the Notifications field is the “Mount” option. Many an Android newcomer has failed at this hurdle, as mounting your phone’s SD card is an awkward step that needs to be taken before it’ll appear as an external drive for data copying. Plug it in, mount it, then copy.

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