Android Awesome Tricks

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Android awesome tricks

Read and chek android awesome tricks

1. “Never heard of her”

If you need to delete all mentions of ex-partners from your phone, the dictionary can be edited – go to Settings > Language and Keyboard > User Dictionary to clean up your typing history.  Android Awesome Tricks

2. Speak the Queen’s English

If you’re fed up of the bizarre accent of the Maps Navigation voice, there’s an English variant – go to Menu > Settings > Text to Speech > and tick the box to use your own settings. Now you’re able to have an English accent. Much better for navigating the M25.
3. Delete fat Android apps
If you’re running low on internal memory space, your apps can be sorted by size – and big ones binned to make space. Head off to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and press Menu to filter them by memory use.
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