How to Add Fake Tears on Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a awesome graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows.



It allows users to add graphics you need to a photograph. Here is the instruction to tell you how to add fake tears on a photo with photoshop, and it can be the real tear or drawing one.

Let’s start to learn How to Add Fake Tears on Photoshop .

1. Click “File, –>Open.” Select on the tears image and then click “OK.”

2. Click the “New Layer” from “Layers” box.

3. Select the “Paintbrush” tool. Choose a appropriate size brush to paint tears.

4. Go to “Layers” box, click the “Layer Mode” drop-down menu and select “Screen.”

5. Click “Layer—->Layer Styles—->Bevel and Emboss.” Here we need to do some settings. Change “Depth” to 1 percent and “Angle” to 90 percent. ClickOK.” Choose a larger depth for more obvious, artistic tears. The black marks become clear, rounded tears with a slight shadow on the bottom.


6. Select the “Smudge” tool to smudge the top portion of the tears up toward the eyes to simulate tear trails.

7. Right-click on the layer with the tears and choose “Merge Down” to flatten the image.

thanx for reading our blog to learn how to add tears on photohop

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